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Win more business as well as demonstrate competence to the organisations you work with.

Tendering for work is becoming increasingly competitive. Principle contractors and other organisations are beginning to expect more from the contractors they work with and now typically ask for information about other areas of the operations - including its environmental management alongside areas like Modern Slavery.

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The SMAS Worksafe additional question set has been designed to help you fulfil these requirements for inclusion in future tender submissions, as well as for your existing clients.

Simply complete the additional questions at the point of completing your SSIP Health & Safety application and we will package everything up for you in one neat package, ready to share with those that need it.

We also recognise that some of this may be unfamiliar and perhaps you're looking at areas like Environmental for the first time. That's why our service has been designed to work with you, support you in understanding the requirements and assist you in putting together information which is appropriate for your business size and activities.

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Achieve Preferred Supplier status under SMAS Worksafe.

Completing our additional question sets means you’re able to evidence a rounded approach to your legal responsibilities as well as shows a conscientious approach to how you operate your business.

Additional questions provide a fluid approach for procurement, enabling your organisation to upload processes for tendering opportunities.

  • If you’re a company with minimal or no information, SMAS has a guided service providing advice and templates on Environmental and Quality to get your organisation going.
  • Templates for areas such as Anti-bribery and Modern Slavery will be made available if you do not already have something in place
  • Telephone support available to help you understand these new requirements
  • Option to have your information reviewed by a specialist who will then provide a 12-month continual development plan for improvement
  • Easy export option which packages up your company’s Compliance Profile into a single document ready to insert in future tenders

Making submissions simpler than ever before.

Our online application process is simple to complete. 

We only ask you the questions that are relevant to your business size and activities; and we are always on hand to assist by telephone should you need some friendly advice. 

The additional question sets can be completed as standalone or at the same time you complete your SSIP assessment with us. 

Once information is uploaded and verified, tendering companies can engage with companies regarding additional policies or information required over the annual membership; helping to build a repour and dialogue.

Starting from scratch?

  • If areas like Environmental management are completely new to you, know that you’re not alone. Many UK businesses are now being asked to fulfil new requirements which they have not needed to do before.
  • SMAS Worksafe recognises this and so have developed our service to provide you the support and guidence you need.
  • Templates and other resources available from your online account
  • Guided support service with a specialist to idnetify what your business needs to get started in these areas.
  • SMAS reviewed enable us to verify your information and provide positive feedback

Application Process
My Membership

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SMAS is a proud member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Forum.

Since the launch of SSIP, many Clients and Principal Contractors now adopt this approach to H&S pre-qualification and will only use contractors who hold a valid and in date certificate issued by an SSIP Member Scheme.

A key aim of the SSIP Forum is to reduce the burden and cost of H&S bureaucracy across the construction industry and as part of this, contractors holding a SMAS H&S certificate will be recognised by the other Member Schemes who offer mutual recognition – meaning that you should not have to complete a further full H&S assessment with them.


  • Visibility to 000’s of organisations wanting to work with new suppliers
  • Widely recognised by industry as to most efficient route to demonstrating health & safety
  • A fast and effective route to satisfying multiple tender requirements
  • Attain other SSIP Scheme certificates without the need to undertake another assessment
  • Holding a valid SSIP certificate means a contractor has demonstrated their capability by meeting the SSIP 'core criteria'
  • Full details can be found at


As one of the leading SSIP registered member schemes, we at SMAS Worksafe pride ourselves on the speed, efficiency and high level of customer service that we provide.

Being the scheme of choice for so many, we are continually developing, pushing forward and reinvesting in our services to ensure that we can continue to grow whilst still providing the high level of service SMAS Worksafe has become known for.

Your SSIP Scheme of choice:

  • SSIP accreditation in just 3 to 5 days
  • A simple flat-rate pricing structure with no hidden costs
  • Direct contact with expert team of in-house Assessors
  • Apply online and when you renew, you can save up to 40% of the work
  • Become visible to over 45 of the biggest house builders in the UK along with other national construction companies
  • 95% of our members return every year
  • A SMAS Worksafe certificate is recognised the UK over
  • Quickly and easily demonstrate your H&S competence to clients

Application Process

We believe our application process is the simplest on the market today.

Thanks to several years of development and reinvestment in the SMAS Worksafe portal, we are able to offer members both an offline and online applications, with the added benefit of being able to save up to 40% of the work when renewing online.

The portal features a number of different management tools including sub-contractor management and purpose built capabilities for Health and Safety Consultants in which they can manage their own clients and staff as well as multiple assessments.

The fast, friendly and easiest way to SSIP accreditation:

  • Gain your SSIP accreditation via the SMAS Worksafe contractor Portal
  • The SMAS Worksafe Smart online application allow only asks you the questions you need to answer.
  • Renewing your SSIP with SMAS Worksafe online can save you up to 40% of the work
  • Have direct contact with one of our expert in-house Assessors who you can contact if you have any questions
  • Already have an SSIP certificate? Our Deem-to-satisfy process can take as little as 2 minutes to complete
  • Paper-based assessments are still available for those that would like to complete it offline
My Membership

The SSIP Scheme of choice

From the first day we started our business, customer service has always been on the top of our priority list. We’re proud to offer our clients, consultants and members a valuable customer experience and pride ourselves on being the fast, friendly and efficient way to SSIP accreditation.

Whether you’re speaking to one of our professional membership support team members or our in-house team of Assessors, you can be sure that we take a personal approach, only happy once you are. 

The fast, friendly and efficient way to SSIP accreditation:

  • Display that your company is SMAS Worksafe approved with our vehicle stickers
  • Display in your office your level of compliance with SSIP with our gold leaf certificates
  • Have direct contact with our expert team of in-house Assessors
  • Know that our professional support team are just a phone call away if you have any questions
  • We already work with a number of trade organisations and associations to bring you additional value in the form of services and concessions