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  • SMAS H&S Certification Scheme provides complete management of contractor H&S assessments.
  • We remove the burden and cost of managing contractor assessments, enabling you to focus resource on your core business activities.

Free access to the SMAS online database of UK suppliers.

The SMAS contractor database now holds information on 20,000c UK suppliers, across a vast number of different trades; helping Clients find new suppliers, as well as manage those they are already working with. Much of the portals functionality has been added over the years in response to direct requests from our Clients.

Access to supplier info which covers: company details, health & safety, insurances and more.

Benefit from outsourcing H&S assessment management to the SMAS Contractor Assessment Management Programme.

  • Outsource at ZERO cost, reducing the need for in-house resources associated with management of H&S assessments
  • Reduce risk to the organisation by outsourcing to H&S specialists
  • Credibility and consistency of scheme
  • Specialist H&S support provided by an in-house assessment team
  • Dedicated client support function
  • Contractors benefit from a consistent assessment process in line with the SSIP Core Criteria.

  • Free access to the SMAS online database of UK suppliers
  • Immediate access to 000’s of UK contractors, by region
  • Supplier information managed and updated in real-time
  • Comprehensive search: contractor, trade, post-code range
  • Ability to manage contractor specific comments
  • Mass communicate tender opportunities and other information in real-time
  • Access to supplier info which covers: company details, health & safety, insurances and more.

CDM Regulations 2015 state that Clients are responsible for checking that sub-contractors have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to undertake the work which they are contracting them to complete. This can be a time consuming burden on resources to complete in-house.

By asking for contractors to complete a H&S assessment by an SSIP Member Scheme, you are successfully meeting this pre-qualification requirement.

SMAS is an SSIP Member Scheme and assesses contractors based on the SSIP core criteria. This means that contractors and Clients can benefit from a consistent approach to H&S, reducing the need for excessive procedures and wasteful costs to the supply chain.

SMAS can also manage H&S assessments on behalf of Clients, reducing their costs and enabling them to focus resources on on-site assessments.

Our Client Services provide full management of contractor H&S assessments on your behalf. This is supported by our online portal which enables you to track all your contractors in one place.

Our specialist team will track H&S certifications with each contractor and manage renewals when required; providing you confidence that the H&S pre-qualification stage to assessments is being managed, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

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SMAS can offer a free, professional and efficient H&S pre-qualification solution to Clients and Principal Contractors who employ Sub-Contractors.
An SSIP approach to Pre-Qualification

In line with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, Clients and Principal Contractors are required to ensure that anyone appointed or engaged to work on any construction project, has the skills, knowledge, experience and, where relevant, the organisational capability to do so.

This check can be done in house but can often be a costly and time consuming process. By adopting an SSIP approach to H&S assessments (supported by the HSE) and simply ensuring that a contractor holds a valid and in date certificate issued by an SSIP Member Scheme, you can be confident that the assessment satisfies the requirements of the SSIP Core Criteria and that a reasonable and robust judgement has been made that the SSIP standards have been met.

Outsourcing the Pre-Qualification process to SMAS

The SMAS Contractor Assessment Management Programme offers a total Stage 1 H&S outsourcing solution to Clients. It is web based, simple to use and most importantly FREE to Clients and Principal Contractors.

    Communication with your contractors covering:

  • the initial contact outlining your assessment requirements
  • on-going query resolution and support
  • the annual renewal of certification

By removing the often time consuming burden of assessments and database management from your own team it means that they can concentrate on the more business critical tasks such as contractor negotiations and Stage 2, on-site assessments.

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  • giving you access to 20,000c of approved contractors and
  • allowing you to monitor the H&S compliance of contractors by Site
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